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Unprecedented Desperation - Relentless Hope

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Situation: Haiti is in what the BBC News calls a 'humanitarian catastrophe.' Political instability and civil unrest have led to dire food and water shortages. It was reported today that there is no available potable water in the capital city of Port au Prince. Most hospitals have either had to close their doors or are on the brink of closure due to lack of fuel and supplies. The start of school was delayed until early October and is expected to be delayed again as conditions have worsened. Follow the links at the bottom of the post for additional details.

Team Communication: Coicy and Merline have been unreachable since mid-September due to complete lack of cell phone and internet connection in the south of Haiti. While a short lack of connectivity is expected, this long absence marks extraordinary circumstances. Our last communications with the team indicated that they are doing OK despite the dire situation.

Program Status: Coicy was working hard with his team to prepare for this school year in early September. Even in such crisis, Coicy and Merline will continue to do all they can to provide the students with a quality program. Youth 4 Business will be ready to launch as soon as schools are open. Additional make up sessions will be provided so that the students can complete all lessons during this school year.

What you can do: First and foremost, continue to pray for the country. For first responders to be able to provide food, water, and shelter to those that need it most. For stability. For strong, honest leadership to step into the governing bodies.

Youth 4 Business continues to seek your ongoing financial support. The students of Haiti are resilient, brave, and creative! They must live out each day as entrepreneurs in order to provide for themselves and their families. Youth 4 Business will continue to do our very best to make small business education available to the students of Les Cayes. Students such as Alcide (left) who started his business with a few bottles of warm soda. Alcide has built a large drink business selling cold soda from his own freezer.

Countless young people have grown their businesses from literally nothing. Some such as Cheelove Licius, started with twenty-five cents to their name and are now earning enough to cover their own school fees.

We believe that the creation and sustaining of jobs greatly impacts the ability of a country to stabilize.

You can help provide stability for Haiti today by donating to Youth 4 Business

Thank you so much. We appreciate you!

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