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Our Programs - Community
Above all else, Youth 4 Business has a heart for our neighbors.  When natural disaster strikes the vulnerable communities in which we cultivate partnerships, we answer.
August 2021 Earthquake

Youth 4 Business most recently raised funds to provide locally sourced essentials in the wake of the August 2021 earthquake.  Coicy and Merline were able to purchase and distribute over 80 five gallon buckets filled with supplies to residents in the rural areas surrounding Les Cayes whose homes were destroyed. 

One resident joyfully receiving essential supplies.

5 gallon buckets filled with locally sourced supplies

Five gallon buckets filled with locally sourced supplies.

One resident joyfully receiving essential supplies
October 2017 Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew slammed directly into the Haitian coastal city of Les Cayes. Over 1,000 people were reportedly killed in the immediate disaster. Youth 4 Business director, Coicy Franky, lives in Les Cayes and was an eyewitness to the devastation. The first text that we were able to receive from him after the storm was “it’s a catastrophe.” Homes, businesses, and farms were completely leveled.




Picture shows the extent of damage to one community building.

Destroyed Schools Hurricane Matthew

Another picture showing the hurricane's destruction.

Youth 4 Business provided building supplies and school tuition fees not only to our partner schools, but to many families in the area.  For months following the hurricane Coicy worked alongside local families helping them to rebuild their homes.  Additionally we provided short-term scholarship funds for students to attend school while their parents rebuilt businesses.  

Hurricane Matthew Rebuilding Haiti
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