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Our History
From college project to thriving non-profit...
The Beginnings:  2006 to 2008
In 2006, Deep Springs International won the non-profit Business Plan Competition at Grove City College and as a result team members Michael Ritter and Ruth (Dykstra) Entwistle decided to launch the non-profit.   Professor Timothy Mech with business plan team members Jim Palmer and Katie Garland, among countless others, were instrumental in the development of the Deep Springs concept and eventual launch. Professor Tim Mech faithfully and tirelessly served as the chairman of the board from 2006 through 2011.
Rotary Conference Port-Au-Prince, 2007

GCC 2006 Business Plan Competition - Jim Palmer, Ruth Entwistle, Katie Garland, and Michael Ritter 

Bill Gallo, Daniele Lantagne, Ruth Entwistle, Michael Ritter, Tim Mech,  and Joe Cicero at Rotary International Safe Water Summit in Port-au-Prince, Haiti 2007. 

Launch and Pivot! 2008 to 2011
In the fall of 2008, Ruth Entwistle and her husband, Ryan, launched an education program in nine schools in Les Cayes, Haiti.

Ruth and Ryan Entwistle

In conjunction with the educational programs, the Entwistles collaborated with local Pastor Etienne, business expert Dominque, and school program director Coicy Francky, to start a small microfinance program for young adults.  Youth 4 Business officially incorporated in 2011 as an offshoot of Deep Springs International. Youth 4 Business’s business plan centered around creating jobs for young adults in rural communities through business education programs. 

Ruth and Ryan Entwistle at the teacher training in 2008

2011 to Today

Since 2011, Youth 4 Business has thrived in Les Cayes through the dedication of Coicy Francky and countless partners in Haiti and the US. 


Coicy Francky

2021-2022 Y4B Teachers and Staff

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