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Our Programs - Education
Our education program is the heartbeat of our organization.
Youth Education Program, Les Cayes, Haiti

Youth 4 Business is presently offering a 19-lesson plan curriculum in entrepreneurship in nine schools near Les Cayes, Haiti. Class sizes range from 15 to 60 students. School program director Coicy Francky and assistant Merline Remes work tirelessly with teachers and students throughout the school year.  

Coicy Francky teaching students in Chantal, Haiti.

Student Certificates Youth 4 Business Haiti
Student Certificates Youth 4 Business Haiti

Each student who completes the program receives a certificate noting their accomplishment.

Unique Curriculum

Youth 4 Business curriculum provides a concise yet powerful introduction to entrepreneurship and the concept of redefining inconveniences as opportunities.  We focus on changing the mindsets of Haitian youth from dependence to dignity.  They are each created in the image of God, the first creator, to recognize and act on opportunities.  

For example, the story of Alcide Sonel, pictured, began with thirst. Sonel desired a cold drink of water but found none in his town. This need led him to start a business buying bottled drinks, chilling them in a chest freezer, and reselling them in his community. Sonel is able to pay for his schooling each month with his profits! Sonel dreams of owning a bigger store in the future so that he can provide additional products to his community.

Alcide Sonel displays product in his thriving small business selling cold drinks

Y4B student Alcide Sonel displays product in his thriving small business

Annual Student Conference
Annual Student Conference Youth 4 Business Haiti Entrepreneurship youth

We know that when you walk together you walk stronger.  Every spring, Youth 4 Business hosts a student conference.  Students and teachers from all of our schools gather to celebrate, to share, and to grow. Graduates have the opportunity to share their business experiences: successes and failures.  Each school puts together a presentation to share with their fellow students.  This conference provides a wonderful opportunity for the students to get to know other students in the program, to create community around the ideas of entrepreneurship, and to come away with the knowledge that they are not alone in their endeavors.   Check out the video below from our 2019 conference. 

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