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Our Vision

Youth 4 Business envisions Haiti as a place where youth can have the resources, mindset, and opportunities they need in order to reach their full potential and build strong communities.

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Our Mission
Youth 4 Business’s mission is to provide quality entrepreneurial education to the youth of Les Cayes, Haiti, connecting them with a network of Y4B educators and alumni so that they are equipped  to respond to the needs of their community by turning creativity into action.
Our Strategy
Haiti is a country of rich resources, from its fertile soil to its resilient people. Yet it remains one of the poorest countries in the world due to political instability, violence, economic turmoil, and natural disasters. Nearly 60 percent of Haitians live below the international poverty line, barely making ends meet. “According to the Human Capital Index, a child born today in Haiti will grow up to be only 45 percent as productive as they could be if he or she had enjoyed full access to quality education and healthcare.”(World Bank, 2021) Haiti has close to 30 percent youth unemployment rate compared to 8.3 percent in the US (ages 15-24). (World Bank, 2021)
Within this backdrop, many Haitian youth struggle to see opportunity. Many Haitian youth desire to start and run successful businesses, but they lack the tools and know-how to do so profitably. Youth 4 Business trains qualified educators who teach a sound entrepreneurship curriculum through interactive classroom lessons and business plan development. At the completion of the course, students are presented with a certificate acknowledging their achievement and also graduate into a rich community of fellow Y4B alumni who provide mutual encouragement and support. Y4B additionally partners with other educational communities to expand our curriculum throughout other Haitian regions.
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