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Haiti Staff

Youth 4 Business is steered by local Haitian leaders living in the heart of their communities and working diligently to encourage and empower.

Youth 4 Business Team Haiti

From left: Pastor Evilio, Merline Remes, Chinot Nickenson, and Coicy Francky.

Coicy Francky, President and Haiti Director
Coicy Francky, President and Haiti Director Youth 4 Business

Faculté agroforesterie, Université Américaine de la Caraïbe

Technicien en construction Bâtiment, Centre Diocésain des Art et Métiers

Coicy Francky has over a decade of teaching experience in the Les Cayes region of Haiti, where he currently directs the Youth 4 Business entrepreneurship program in secondary schools. He has assisted in a variety of construction projects, including a health center and church for Mission Évangélique Béthanie d’Haïti, an agricultural facility for AVSI, and individual homes. He supervised household surveys for Deep Springs International and World Concern.

Coicy with wife Rosier and children David, Darlie, Dhamn, and Carlh

Merline Remes Youth4 Business Haiti

Merline Remes, Secretary

and Assistant to the

Haiti Director

Faculté des Sciences de l’Education à l’Université Pubique aux Cayes ( UPSAC) , HAITI  2013 – 2017

Sciences Education / Administration

Business and Technology Institute of Les Cayes (BTI) - Accounting, (expected June, 2022)


*English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Caribbean English School

*“Pronunciation techniques- American accent and essentials of grammar”    

Certificate in Management, BTI, (expected June, 2022)


Merline has been a valuable Y4B team member since the fall of 2018.  She works closely with Coicy visiting schools, working with teachers, providing documentation and photos, and so much more.  

Pastor Evilio Milien Youth 4 Business Haiti

Pastor Evilio Milien

Ecole Normale de Martissant (ENM)  2010-2013                     

Séminaire de Théologie Evangélique Gamaliel - STEG (2015-2018)


Pastor Evilio Milien is a professional in education and statistics. He currently develops relationships with other schools, groups, and organizations in order to expand the program. He also conducts the seminars for Y4B teacher enrichment.  

Chinot Nickenson Youth 4 Business Haiti

Chinot Nickenson

Chinot is a professional in informatics and will work with the Y4B staff to facilitate promotion of Youth 4 Business. This includes sharing about their activities, sending photos and videos etc.  for the purpose of sharing about the organization and fundraising.

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