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Tis the Season to Celebrate!

Youth 4 Business Haiti Certificate Celebration

What a year! We are here to tell you just how amazing our students and staff are.


Our students and staff are true overcomers. Political unrest closed Haitian schools September through December. From December through June our team worked tirelessly with teachers and students to complete all lessons. Over 250 students received certificates of completion.

Our annual student conference held in February was a dynamite success. Prof. Elysée Francois, Youth 4 Business’s newest board member, led the students in an engaging discussion under the theme of “Une Jeunesse Engagée Pour une Nouvelle Société.” (Young people committed to a new society) Youth 4 Business not only hosts our current students, teachers, and school directors, but we also use this event to engage other schools in the area and members of the community. After a tough fall, this event brought vitality, encouragement, and vigor to the program participants and to the Les Cayes region.

2023 Youth 4 Business  Haiti Student Conference Photo

Thank you for the continued support that makes entrepreneurial programs for youth possible in Les Cayes, Haiti.

There are many ways you can help Youth 4 Business as we celebrate another year of entrepreneurial youth education. Here are some of the ways your donations can make a difference!

Youth 4 Business Haiti Staff and teachers

Hi everyone!

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you personally for the generous and passionate support you have steadfastly given to Haitian youth over the last 15 years.

It seems like yesterday when a bunch of college students sat around dreaming of how to reach Haitian youth just like themselves with access to entrepreneurial education.

That was March 2006.

Today, Youth 4 Business celebrates over 15 years of training young entrepreneurs in Les Cayes, Haiti. We have incredible board members and staff who tirelessly contribute their gifts and talents. Over 4,000 students have completed the program. Many of them are now entrepreneurs in their communities. Every single one has learned how to turn their own creativity into action from lessons in the classroom and the many legacies of those who came before them. Lives are changed. A community is ignited with a passion to be their own transformation - to be the solution and move from dependence to dignity.

Thanks to you.

Wishing you a wonderful summer season.

Ruth Entwistle Founder and President, Youth 4 Business

Thank you from the Youth 4 Business Staff and Teachers
Mèsi Anpil! Thank you!

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