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School is in Session!

Updated: Oct 18

Y4B is empowering hundreds of Haitian youth to move from dependence to dignity


We are excited for the 2023-2024 school year! Our teachers and staff have been diligently reviewing last year's successes and failures to create an improved experience for our students.

Students in Training:

Our staff will be training several students this year including Francisque Angie (pictured at right) in the administrative work of Youth 4 Business (Y4B). They will learn the essentials for smoothly operating all programs in our nine schools.

Evilio Milien: School Supervisor

Pastor Evilio Milien has been promoted to School Supervisor for the 2023-2024 school year. Pastor Milien is a professional in education and statistics. He develops relationships with other schools, groups, and organizations in order to expand the program. He also conducts the seminars for Y4B teacher enrichment.

One of the areas that he will oversee is the weekly evaluation of teachers and lessons. A rubric has been developed to closely assess the quality of the program at each school. We are grateful for Pastor Milien and the

expertise he adds to Y4B.

New School Added: College Baptist de Chantal

Pastor Milien's relationship development work has resulted in the addition of 25 students at a new school in Chantal. The teacher, pictured at right, is Agenus Antoine Bergil.

We need $1500 per month to continue operating. Donate today!

  1. $25 - Provides one student access to our course for a year. We love our students!

  2. $50 - Provides a five-gallon bucket full of food and necessities to a family affected by a natural disaster. We love our neighbors!

  3. $75 - Provides one teacher’s salary for a month. We love our teachers!

  4. $150 - Provides two teacher's salaries for a month We have seven teachers and four staff in Les Cayes

  5. $500 - Provide access to our program for 20 students. Y4B annually provides entrepreneurial education to over 400 students

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