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Loan Repayment Success: Farmers

A woman selling vegetables at a Haitian market
Vegetables at Market

Great news! In November, Youth 4

Business shared that we were launching a new interim loan program for local farmers. We are so excited to report that 88% of the farmer loans have been repaid in full. The remaining 12% are facing difficulty due to drought but are expected to repay within the next growing season.

Program Continuation

Due to the success of the program, in the coming weeks Coicy will meet with current and new farmers for the next planting season.

Haitian Crops

This is such an important program due to the ongoing crisis in Haiti. According to Health Equity International"4.7 million people—almost half of the population—are experiencing high levels of acute food insecurity." Farmers are of vital importance in maintaining access to affordable food especially in the rural areas.

Practical Support

Youth 4 Business strives to continue to support the local community in the rural areas surrounding the southern city of Les Cayes. The network of Y4B alumni and educators are putting creativity into action, even amidst dire circumstances. We are looking to raise an additional $1000 for the upcoming planting season.

A gift of $55 provides a loan for a farmer in this network to plant crops and ensures food security for multiple families.

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