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A sneak peak at what's growing in Haiti...

Wow! Can you feel the warm sunshine? I am writing from dreary northeastern US where it is what we affectionately call "slushing." Not quite rain, not quite snow. How we would all love to take a visit to beautiful warm sunny Haiti today!

Our farmers are working very hard watering, fertilizing, and maintaining their crops. They expect their first harvests in early February.

2023 Annual Student Conference

We are so excited that our students are back in school after a tumultuous fall semester due to political unrest. One of our favorite parts of the school year is our student conference. Each year Y4B hosts a student conference for all our students, teachers, and alumni. The 2023 conference will be held February 17th. This year we are so excited to announce that our newest board member, Elysée François, will be the main speaker for the event. with the theme "Young People Committed to a New Society." Stay tuned for updates!

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