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Encourage Coicy and Merline!

*Write A Note of Encouragement*

Pictured are our leaders Coicy and Merline with a joyous group of students who finished the tumultuous 2020-2021 school year, receiving their certificates of completion of the Y4B entrepreneurship course. These students, and the many that came before, are now part of a community that is mourning and rebuilding. Mourning lost loved ones. Staring at homes destroyed. Wondering when and how life will resume anything that looks like normal. Y4B plans to resume our school program when the schools are able to open however the timeline for this is unknown. In the meantime, Coicy and Merline will continue to come alongside the schools and community as they heal and rebuild.

It would be amazing if you would take a minute to write them a note of encouragement. You can either write it here or private message me and I will make sure they receive it.

Haiti is not without hope. The future is bright.

We appreciate so much your ongoing support. Please continue to pray with us as the people of Les Cayes and the surrounding area make their way through these tough days.

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